Collision between fishing vessel Diana and bulk carrier Santa Vitoria resulting in Diana sinking

Location: Off north east coast of England.

Completed PE Summary: Diana/Santa Vitoria

A short summary of the accident and action taken:

Vessel name   Diana
Registered Owner & Manager:   Mr John Collinson
Port of registry:   Stornoway
Flag:   UK
Type:   Fish Catching processing
Built:   1971
Construction:   Wood
Length overall:   16.89
Gross tonnage:   23.80
Date & Time   06/06/03 07:46
Location of incident:   English coastal waters
Incident Type:   Collision
Persons onboard:   3 crew 3 passengers
Injuries/ fatalities:   None
Damage/ Pollution:   Ship Lost
Vessel name   Santa Vitoria
Registered Owner & Manager:   Dia Marine Corp
Port of registry:   Panama
Flag:   Panama
Type:   Tanker/combination carrier
Built:   2002
Construction:   Steel
Length overall:   225.
Gross tonnage:   40030.00
Date & Time   06/06/03 07:46
Injuries/ fatalities:   None
Damage/ Pollution:   Material damage


Collision between fishing vessel and bulk carrier

Action taken

The Chief Inspector of marine accidents has made the following recommendation to the owner/skipper of the vessel:

Heed the guidance published Marine Guidance Notice (MGN) 84 (F) with particular regards to the following:

  • The need to ensure that a proper lookout is maintained at all times

  • The need to ensure that watchkeepers are fit for duty at all times, taking account of the quality and quantity of rest taken

  • The strongly recommended practice of fitting a watch alarm where there will be only one person on watch

  • The need to ensure that the person on watch does not undertake any other duties that would interfere with the safe navigation

Published 23 January 2015