Limousine licensing

Limousines with up to 8 passenger seats don’t require a licence for weddings and funerals.

Limousines must be run by a licensed operator unless they’re being hired out without a driver.

For small limousines - seating up to 8 passengers - you’ll need a private hire vehicle (PHV) operator licence. This is different inside London and outside London.

For large limousines - seating 9 passengers or more - you’ll need to get a public sector vehicle (PSV) operator licence.

Operators hiring out limousines and drivers separately to avoid licensing are breaking the law.

Vehicle standards

Stretched limousines must have Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) to be registered and licensed. For those built before 29 July 2011, a Certificate of Fitness (COIF) is accepted.

Fines and penalties

Your limousines can be destroyed or confiscated if you aren’t licensed or your vehicles aren’t properly insured. For other offences you can be prosecuted and fined.