Education and work in prison

Courses are normally available to help prisoners get new skills, for example learning to read and write, use computers and do basic maths. Most prisoners get an Individual Learning Plan listing courses and training.

Qualifications and skills

Most courses lead to qualifications that are recognised by employers outside prison, for example GCSEs or NVQs. Prisoners may be able to do a distance learning course, for example Open University.

A prisoner can learn skills, for example woodwork, engineering or gardening.

Working in prison

Many prisoners get the chance to work while carrying out their sentence, for example making clothes and furniture or electrical engineering.

This is done in prison workshops and is normally paid work.

Prisoners can also work around the prison itself, for example in kitchens and laundries.

A ‘low-risk’ prisoner may be allowed to work in the community.

You can find out what education and work opportunities each prison offers.