Change from tenants in common to joint tenants

You need the agreement of all the other joint owners to change from being tenants in common to joint tenants.

A solicitor, conveyancer or legal executive can also make the application for you.

How to apply

  1. Fill in a new or updated trust deed - a conveyancer can help you do this.

  2. Download and fill in the form to cancel a restriction, if one has been registered.

  3. Prepare any supporting documents you need to include.

  4. Send the form and documents to HM Land Registry’s Citizen Centre. There’s no fee.

Supporting documents

You must include one of the following:

  • an original or certified copy of the new or updated trust deed signed by all the owners
  • a certified copy of a transfer showing that all owners with individual shares of the property have transferred these to all the beneficial joint tenants
  • a certificate from your conveyancer confirming that all owners with shares of the property have signed a new trust deed

You must also include either:

  • a statutory declaration prepared by your conveyancer
  • a ‘statement of truth’ - either one you’ve prepared yourself or using form ST5

A statement of truth must be:

  • in writing and include the wording “I believe that the facts and matters contained in this statement are true”
  • signed by the person who makes it

The supporting documents must prove all the following:

  • nobody else except the named joint owners have shares of the property
  • none of the joint owners is being made bankrupt, has a charging order from creditors or is mortgaging their share of the property
  • all the joint owners now own the property together as beneficial joint tenants

Where to send your application

HM Land Registry
Citizen Centre
PO Box 74
GL14 9BB