Investment Management System: guidance documents

Guidance on how to submit bids and offers and schedule offers in the Homes and Communities Agency's Investment Management System.

Security guidance

IMS security module accessibility statement (MS Word Document, 865KB)

Security enhancements (PDF, 29.9KB, 1 page)

Guidance on resetting your password (PDF, 183KB, 12 pages)

Help to Buy programme management tool

Details on how to logon and use the system are provided in this guidance

Guidance on how to access the Help to Buy programme management tool (MS Word Document, 585KB)

2015 to 2018 guidance

Submitting 2015 to 2018 affordable housing offers in IMS v.1.1 (PDF, 2.06MB, 75 pages)

Guidance note for submitting supporting statements in IMS for 2015 to 2018 bidding (PDF, 195KB, 10 pages)

Submitting HRA offers for 2015 to 2016 and 2016 to 2017 in IMS (PDF, 1.69MB, 68 pages)

Amending Profiles and Scheme Processing in IMS v1.0 (PDF, 1.14MB, 40 pages)

2011 to 2015 guidance

Existing IMS pre-allocations and rephasing (PDF, 2.24MB, 50 pages)

Empty Homes offer scheduling (PDF, 1.22MB, 42 pages)

Empty Homes offer template mapped to IMS (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 84KB)

Empty Homes round 2 - guidance for bidding on IMS v1.1 (PDF, 1.53MB, 27 pages)

2012 to 2015 Empty Homes scheme processing v1.1 (PDF, 1.5MB, 48 pages)

Entering Help to Buy bids in IMS v1.2 (PDF, 606KB, 28 pages)

Scheme processing in IMS v1.2 (PDF, 2.48MB, 49 pages)

Short Form Agreement v2 (PDF, 942KB, 20 pages)

Offer summary reports guidance (PDF, 710KB, 13 pages)

Submitting affordable housing offers in IMS - guide for providers v1.1 (PDF, 1.92MB, 46 pages)

Supplementary guidance on offer scheduling in IMS v1.1 (PDF, 221KB, 7 pages)

Offer scheduling in IMS v1.0 (PDF, 1.06MB, 35 pages)

Operating areas 2011 to 2015 (PDF, 79.4KB, 13 pages)

Submitting Empty Homes offers in IMS v1.1 (PDF, 1.65MB, 46 pages)

Supplementary offers guidance note for Empty Homes, Traveller Pitch Funding and Homelessness Change Programme (PDF, 113KB, 6 pages)

Help to Buy scheme and payment processing guidance v1.0 (PDF, 3.3MB, 49 pages)

Care and Support Specialised Housing Fund 2013 to 2018

Care and Support Specialised Housing Fund - guidance for bidding on IMS (PDF, 716KB, 22 pages)

Previous IMS guidance

The National Archives hold previous guidance documents.