Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Innovation and Reform

SPHEIR is an innovative higher education partnerships programme to strengthen the capacity of higher education institutions in DFID priority countries.

Short overview

SPHEIR aims to transform higher education systems in low-income countries, enabling them to create more employable graduates, better meet labour market needs, and support more inclusive economic growth. It supports partnerships of organisations from across multiple sectors and draws on expertise and experience from the UK and the global North and South.

What the fund will achieve

SPHEIR will deliver innovative solutions to improve the ways in which higher education is designed, delivered, accessed and managed in low-income countries, significantly influencing the Sustainable Development Goals related to policy and practice. It will also engage new actors in higher education reform, such as the private sector, to contribute to the future sustainability of higher education systems.

SPHEIR partnerships

SPHEIR currently supports nine international partnerships, working in Africa and the Middle East. Altogether the SPHEIR portfolio spans more than 60 organisations across 16 countries, including universities, government bodies, private sector firms and associations.

To find out more about SPHEIR and SPHEIR partnerships, please visit the SPHEIR website.

How to apply

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Published 24 February 2017