Livelihood and Food Security Fund

UK supports the Livelihood and Food Security Fund (LIFT) to increase resilience, income, food security and nutrition of rural people in Burma.

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LIFT aims to promote agricultural commercialisation and climate smart agriculture, financial inclusion including affordable micro-finance, business and skills development. LIFT also targets nutrition support (including cash grants) to mothers and children between conception and a child’s second birthday. A component of the programme is designed to help young people move out of agriculture and safely connect to new economic opportunities and jobs.

What will the fund achieve

LIFT will help increase the resilience, income, food security and nutritional status of 3 million rural people in Burma. Specifically, LIFT aims to increase food security for nearly 2.2 million people, raising agricultural productivity for over a million people, and helping over 1.4 million households access affordable financial services.

How to apply

Full information on how to apply can be accessed through the LIFT website

Background information

LIFT was launched in 2009 as a multi-donor trust fund (MDTF) for coordinated donor action on MDG 1. DFID was a major player in its creation. LIFT has signed commitment from funding from 15 donors (including Mitsubishi). The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) is contracted as the Fund Manager. Projects are implemented by UN agencies, WB and IFC, INGOs and local NGOs, research institutions and policy think tanks, micro-finance institutions, and now, the private sector. LIFT’s mandate runs until financial year 2018/19.


Andrew Kirkwood, Fund Director, UNOPS, LIFT

Development Tracker - Detailed information on the fund

Published 19 January 2016