Governance and Transparency Fund

The GTF was designed to help citizens hold their governments to account by strengthening the wide range of groups that can empower and support them.

All funding decisions have been taken for the GTF and there are no plans to issue any further calls for proposals.


The ability of citizens to make their voices heard and hold their governments to account is central to good government. Its absence allows an environment in which corruption can flourish and citizens are unable to assess the decisions of their leaders or make informed choices about who they elect to serve as their representatives.

Thirty-eight organisations were selected for funding in 2008. Their activities covered a wide range of governance issues and were linked to around 1,000 local organisations in over 100 countries.

The GTF helped increase the voice of ordinary citizens around the world. It assisted local organisations such as the National Taxpayers Association to improve access to education in rural communities by monitoring local government spending on school construction in Kenya. It also enabled international organisations like Amnesty International, Global Witness and Water Aid to work with civil society partners on issues concerning human rights, natural resource management and access to basic services for disadvantaged communities.

Background information on the fund

Details of GTF programmes are available here.


The Inclusive Societies Department (ISD) is responsible for the GTF.

Contact - Mike Battcock

Telephone: 01355 84 3413


Published 26 August 2014