Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund

EAIF is a public-private partnership providing long-term debt finance for construction and development of private infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa.


The EAIF provides US$10 million to US$36.5 million to projects across a range of sectors including telecoms, transport, water and power. It lends American dollars and euros to private companies (or soon to be privatised companies). This lending is for greenfield projects or for the refurbishment, upgrade or expansion of existing facilities. While the EAIF lends on commercial terms, it aims to support projects that:

  • promote economic growth and reduce poverty
  • benefit broad-based population groups
  • address issues of equality and participation
  • promote social, economic and cultural rights

The EAIF intends to make a lasting positive impact on the infrastructure of sub-Saharan Africa. This will facilitate economic growth and contribute to poverty reduction in the region.

How to apply:

Please see the EAIF website for details.

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Published 26 August 2014