Common Humanitarian Fund for Somalia

The Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) is a multi-donor pooled fund used to support the timely allocation of donor resources to the most urgent humanitarian needs in Somalia


The CHF supports urgent needs identified at the cluster level. Allocations are made in February and August.

What the fund will achieve

The CHF supports live-saving critical gaps and responds to early warning signals. Examples of CHF achievements include:

  • nutrition treatment programmes to children under 5 years and breastfeeding women
  • vaccinations to children and women of child bearing age
  • provision of shelter, essential household items, safe drinking water, etc. to internally displaced persons

How to apply

All organizations are required to use United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Afairs (OCHA’s) standard templates when submitting an application to the CHF Database.

Details on procedure for application

Background information

The CHF funds national NGOs, international NGOs, and UN humanitarian agencies in Somalia. The CHF targets activities that have been identified as the most urgent and critical humanitarian needs in alignment with the Somalia Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP).

The Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) publishes a standard allocation document and interested organisations submit proposals to the relevant clusters. Cluster coordinator and the cluster review committees review, prioritise and submit recommendations to OCHA. OCHA reviews the projects and the HC makes a final decision. The CHF aims to ensure immediate and urgent humanitarian needs are addressed in a collaborative manner, fostering understanding and coordination within and between clusters and humanitarian organizations. The CHF supported interventions are to be consistent with basic humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality and impartiality. It complements other funding channels and thus contributes to improving overall funding coordination. The CHF does not support early recovery or development assistance.


The Humanitarian Coordinator, supported by OCHA (as the Managing Agent) manages the CHF. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) serves as the Fund’s Administrative Agent (AA), receiving funds for the CHF from donors and providing financial reports.

More details on the fund

Project documents

Guidelines on CHF including project documents to attach

Published 20 January 2016