What happens if your child gets in trouble with the police

You can be held responsible if your child repeatedly gets into trouble or if you don’t take reasonable steps to control their behaviour.

You could be:

  • asked to attend a parenting programme
  • asked to sign a Parenting Contract
  • given a Parenting Order by a court

Each of these support you in stopping your child from getting in trouble again.

They are usually voluntary but you might be told be a court that you have to do one or more of them.

Parenting programmes

Parenting programmes are run by the local youth offending team and other youth justice organisations or charities.

Each programme will be different depending on your circumstances and what’s best for your child.

Parenting Contracts

This is a voluntary agreement signed by you, your child and someone from the local youth offending team.

You all agree to play a part in helping your child stay away from crime.

You could be given a Parenting Order if you refuse to sign it.

Parenting Orders

These are given out by the court. It sets out things you and your child must or mustn’t do.

They can last for up to 12 months.

Getting a Parenting Order doesn’t mean you get a criminal record, but you can be taken to court if you don’t obey the order.