Apply to register a trade mark

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Register a trade mark

You can register your trade mark to protect your brand, for example the name of your product or service.

When you register your trade mark, you’ll be able to:

  • take legal action against anyone who uses your brand without your permission, including counterfeiters
  • put the ® symbol next to your brand - to show that it’s yours and warn others against using it
  • sell and license your brand

How to register a trade mark

  1. Check if your brand qualifies as a trade mark.

  2. Apply to register your trade mark.

  3. Respond to any objections.

The registration process takes about 4 months if no-one objects. Registered trade marks last 10 years.

Register your trade mark overseas

Registering a trade mark in the UK only protects your brand in the UK.

There are different processes for registering EU and international trade marks.


Check how the new Brexit rules affect you

  1. Step 1 Check if being self-employed is right for you

  2. Step 2 Choose the name you want to trade under

    1. Check the rules for sole trader business names

    You can register a trade mark if you want to stop people from trading under your business name.

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  3. Step 3 Check what records you'll need to keep

  4. Step 4 Register for tax

    To pay tax, you'll need to register for Self Assessment.

    1. Apply for a National Insurance number if you do not have one
    2. Register for Self Assessment

    You might need to register in a different way if:

    You may also need to register for VAT.

    1. Check if you need to register for VAT