Apply to register a trade mark

After you apply

  1. You’ll get feedback on your application (an ‘examination report’) within 20 days - you have 2 months to resolve any problems.

  2. If the examiner has no objections your application will be published in the trade marks journal for 2 months, during which time anyone can oppose it.

  3. Your trade mark will be registered once any objections are resolved - you’ll get a certificate to confirm this.

If your application is opposed

The Intellectual Property Office will tell you if someone opposes your application.

You can either:

  • withdraw your application
  • talk to the person making the opposition
  • defend your application

You cannot register your trade mark until the matter is settled and may have to pay legal costs if you want to challenge the opposing party.

Read guidance on your options following an opposition.

Research previous trade mark decisions to help you with a dispute and prepare for a hearing.

Once your trade mark is registered

You must report any changes to your name, address or email address.

You can object to other people’s trade marks, for example if you think they are identical or similar to yours.

You can sell, market, license and mortgage your trade mark.

Your trade mark will last 10 years - you can renew it after that time.