HMRC internal manual

Technical Teams Operational Guidance

TTOG6515 - Case closure: procedural matters: acceptance procedures: contract offer - general

When a Letter of Offer is accepted the Support group will liaise with the Investigator to ensure that:

  • all duties included in the settlement have been informally discharged from the relevant computer systems (where appropriate) and
  • any repayments on SA and COTAX have been dealt with.

The support officers will:

  • enter the charge on SAFE (Strategic Accounting Framework Environment). More information about entering charges on SAFE can be found at TTOG6520 
  • take a screen print confirming the charge details
  • issue the Letter of Acceptance
  • create a ’centre’ file/settlement folder, which will include the SAFE screen print, the original copy of the Settlement Report, the original letter(s) of offer, a copy of the letter of acceptance, final computations, (where appropriate) original certificates signed by the taxpayer eg certificate of disclosure, statement of assets
  • update caseflow to record the SAFE reference within the Settlement Summary.

The case will be passed back to the Investigator to deal with closing memos and post settlement matters.

Other actions the support team may take at case closure are detailed at TTOG6270.