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HMRC internal manual

Tax Credits Manual

Tax Credits Manual: recent changes

Below are details of the amendments that were published on 3 July 2014 (see the update index for all updates)

Page Details of update
TCM0054120 Changes - work lists: Unprocessed Change of Circumstances helpcard
Amended guidance. Income amended RTI added.  
TCM0158020 Notes - Standardised Messages (E to G): Standardised Messages - E - Enquiry Centres and Contact Centres
Amended guidance. New EF46 and EF47 standardised message added.   
TCM0158060 Notes - Standardised Messages (E to G): Standardised Messages - G - Mismatches
Amended guidance. GM Mismatch messages amended throughout.   
TCM0166020 Notes - Standardised Messages (O): Standardised Messages - O - overpayments (codes from OA to OM)
Amended guidance. New standardised message OE35 added  
TCM0174020 Notes - Standardised Messages (T to W): Standardised Messages - T - Stopping Tax Credits
Amended guidance. Messages TD01, to TP13 and TP17 amended. Messages TP14, TP15,TP16,TP18,TP19 and TP20 deleted.  
TCM0174040 Notes - standardised messages (T to W): standardised messages - U - Compliance
Amended guidance. Note UB38 amended. New notes UB67 UB68 and UB69 added   
TCM0230010 Payment - overpayments (Q-Z): Overpayments: recovering debt - CSSG only
Amended guidance. Re formatted throughout. Step 14 Telephone Payment Service Helpcard added.  
TCM0240160 Payment - work lists: Suspended Overpayments work list
Amended guidance. Steps amended throughout. Steps 7 and 8 outstanding overpayment information added. Step 10 note added Step 11 amended.  
TCM0284120 Specialist areas - complex: change of circumstances - non-complex to complex
Amended guidance. Step 1 new FTNAE note added.  
TCM0284380 Specialist areas - complex: complex cases - polygamous and polyandrous marriages / more than 18 children (AG)
Amended guidance. Step 24 New FTNAE note added  
TCM0284420 Specialist areas - Complex: Complex cases - state nationals covered by international agreements (AG)
Amended guidance. Step 4 new FTNAE note added.  
TCM0286510 Specialist areas: early targeted action: penalty debt recovery
Amended guidance. Re formatted throughout Steps 15 and 20 Telephone Payment Service Helpcard added.  
TCM0288520 Specialist areas - international claims: manually paying WTC and CTC together
Amended guidance. Step 2 QYP note added  
TCM0288560 Specialist areas - international claims: manually paying WTC up front
Amended guidance.Step 20 amended. Steps 21 to 29 renumbered.  
TCM0288580 Specialist areas - international claims: preparing case to pay WTC and CTC
Amended guidance. New QYP note added  
TCM0290150 Specialist areas - Persons from abroad: Persons From Abroad team - Pre award claims - Customers are subject to immigration control
Amended guidance. Step 8 amended  
TCM0320040 Extra information: glossary: A
Amended guidance. Approved Training information updated.  
TCM1000201 How to update current year income details
Amended guidance. Steps 1 and 2 amended throughout  
TCM1000202 How to update previous year income details
Amended guidance. Step 2 amended throughout.and Real Time Information added. Step 3 amended.  
TCM1000528 How to access Telephone Payment Service (TPS) to make a one off payment.
Deleted guidance