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HMRC internal manual

Tax Credits Manual

Tax Credits Manual: recent changes

Below are details of the amendments that were published on 27 February 2014 (see the update index for all updates)

Page Details of update
TCM0136420 Miscellaneous (E to O): NIRS exceptions.
Amended guidance - background - paid / payable amended to awarded. Step 2 RD23 action updated.  
TCM0174040 Notes - Standardised Messages (T to W): Standardised Messages - U - Compliance.
New standardised messages for UB38, UB40 to UB61 inclusive.  
TCM0240000 Payment - work lists: contents.
Amended guidance - contents list updated.  
TCM0240100 Deleted guidance.
TCM0240120 Payment - work lists: Ceased Employment work list.
Amended guidance - whole chapter re-written.  
TCM0262260 Renewals: miscellaneous (G-R): renewals - restore terminated renewal.
Amended guidance - whole chapter has been extensively re-written.  
TCM0284120 Specialist areas - Complex: Change of circumstances - non-complex to complex.
Amended guidance - whole chapter re-written.  
TCM0284140 Specialist areas -Complex / International case- identify (Info).
Amended guidance - Complex case markers action updated.  
TCM0284160 Deleted guidance.
TCM0284180 Deleted guidance.
TCM0284200 Deleted guidance.
TCM0284220 Specialist areas - Complex: Complex cases - manual payments - issuing.
Amended guidance - whole chapter re-written.  
TCM0284300 Specialist areas - Complex: Complex cases - manual renewal payments (AG).
Amended guidance - step 3 updated.  
TCM0288560 Specialist areas - International Claims: Manually paying WTC up front.
Amended guidance - New bullet point added to the checklist section.  
TCM0288580 Specialist areas - International Claims: Preparing case to pay WTC and CTC.
Amended guidance - New note added to checklist section. Steps 1, 39 and 46 amended. Three new steps added - steps 76, 77 and 78.  
TCM0304000 Specialist areas: International: miscellaneous: contents.
Amended guidance - New chapter added to contents listings for TCM0304130 reciprocal action - Slovakia.  
TCM0304050 Specialist areas: international: miscellaneous: post-award change of circumstances - lead in.
Amended guidance - Step 2 updated.  
TCM0304130 Specialist areas: international: miscellaneous: reciprocal action: Slovakia.
New guidance.  
TCM0306300 Specialist areas: international: pre-award: international - pre-award claims - EEA nationals with no abroad involvement.
Amended guidance - New bullet added to checklist. Step 1, 5, 6,and 7 updated. Two new steps added - steps 33 and 34.  
TCM0042200 Changes - miscellaneous (A-F): DLA / PIP / AA / AFIP entitlement - Start Stop notifications of disability changes.
Amended guidance - Whole chapter has been extensively re-written with new steps added.  
TCM0042280 Changes - miscellaneous (A-F): Establish if a change can be made (AG).
Amended guidance - Step 29 updated where there is no impact on PY entitlement.  
TCM1000343 How to obtain Personal Independence Payment notifications from Access to DWP Data Standard Enquiry Facility.
New how to.  
TCM1000344 How to use the Personal Independence Payment Notifications Database Caseworker functions.
New how to.  
TCM1000345 How to use the Personal Independence Payment Notifications Database Admin functions.
New how to.  
TCM1000351 How to set an action date on NTC Listings.
New How to.  
TCM1000352 How to delete an entry from NTC Listings.
New How to.  
TCM1000408 How to use the International Group database.
Amended how to - Steps 9 and 15 updated.