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HMRC internal manual

Tax Credits Manual

Tax Credits Manual: recent changes

Below are details of the amendments that were published on 30 September 2013 (see the update index for all updates)

Page Details of update
TCM0160040 Standardised Messages - I - International / Isle of Man and Channel Islands.: Amended guidance. Standardised messages II18, II44, II46, II47, II48 and II53 amended. New standardised messages II90 and II91 added.
TCM0172080 Standardised Messages - S - Renewals (codes from ST to SZ).: Amended guidance. New standardised messages SW53 and SW54 added.
TCM0212180 Direct payments – Bank Liaison referrals- Bacs payments and recalls (Info).: Amended guidance. Amended guidance throughout and new Bank Liaison recall request.
TCM0224100 Overpayments - calculate and remit (cases suspended before 30/10/06) (AG). : Amended guidance. Step 46 amended.
TCM0224140 Overpayments - calculate and remit (cases suspended on or after 30/10/06) (AG).: Amended guidance. Step 46 amended.
TCM0226190 Disputed overpayments-establish three month time limit. : Amended guidance. Background amended. Steps 2 to 12 amended. Steps 11 to 17 renumbered. Step 14 amended.
TCM0272400 Unprocessed S17 work list - Unprocessed change of circumstances.: Amended guidance. Steps 2 and 4 amended.
TCM0288500 Specialist areas - International - contents.: Amended guidance. Title amended.
TCM0288520 Manually paying WTC and CTC together. : Amended guidance. Step 19 note amended. Step 20 amended
TCM0288540 Manually paying WTC upfront - E400 series forms or SEDs returned from Other Member State. : Amended guidance. Checklist amended. Steps amended and renumbered throughout.
TCM0288580 Preparing case to pay WTC and CTC. : Amended guidance. Checklist amended. Steps 11, 38 and 65 amended.
TCM0294060 Post Room - Valuables action. : Amended guidance. Steps 1 and 3 re-formatted. Step 11 amended.
TCM0304200 Children of tax credits customers undertaking FTNAE in EEA. : Amended guidance. Steps 22, 24 and 25 amended. Steps 27 and 28 added.
TCM0306450 International pre-award claims - qualifying benefits. : New guidance written.
TCM1000167 How to change current childcare provider or childcare costs. : Amended guidance. Reformatted at Step 4.
TCM1000168 How to recapture a clean claim after a mismatch - mismatch team only. : Amended guidance. Amended throughout.
TCM1000380 How to amend the Connexions end date. : Amended guidance. Step 2 amended.
TCM1000381 How to change the Connexions include from date. : Amended guidance. Step 2 amended.
TCM1000383 How to enter the Connexions start and end date. : Amended guidance. Step 4 amended.