HMRC internal manual

Tax Credits Manual

TCM1000559 - How to set up a single payment plan on the National Direct Debit System (NDDS)

Version 1.0

Changes to previous version - new guidance

Step 1

  • select ‘Single’ from the drop down menu in the ‘Plan Type’ field
  • select ‘Telephone’ from the drop down menu in the ‘Creation Channel’ field
  • select ‘Continue’, you will be taken to the ‘Create Single Payment Plan’ screen
  • select NTC from the drop down menu in the ‘Head of Duty’ (HoD) field

Note: The HoD details may have been carried forward from your search results

  • enter the HoD reference in the ‘HoD Reference’ field

Note: The reference is made up of the customer’s NINO excluding the suffix, the entitlement end date, head of duty ref (which is always N for NTC) and the ‘Check Character’ which you will have obtained from ‘Print Payslip’

For example


  • enter the amount to be paid in the ‘Amount Due’ field

Note: For multiple overpayments you must complete each ‘Head of Duty’, ‘HoD Reference’ and ‘Amount Due’ field, with each row occupying details of one overpayment

  • enter the date of the payment in the ‘Collection Date’ field

Note: This must be at least 14 days after the date you set up the arrangement

  • select ‘Calculate Summary’. A summary of the payment and the date we will take the payment will be displayed below
  • confirm the payment and the date with the customer

If the customer agrees with the payment

  • select ‘Save’
  • select ‘Finish’

If the customer wants to amend / does not agree with the payment

  • select ‘Change Payment Plan’
  • return to the beginning of this step to re-enter the details