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HMRC internal manual

Tax Credits Manual

How to register a case on Centaur

Step 1

Conduct a people search

  • reason for search enter ‘case activity check’
  • in the ‘Further Detail’ option enter ‘Tax Credits’
  • note your findings on the activity sheet or daybook.

If there is no match, go to Step 2 

If there is a match, go to Step 6 

Step 2

Create an Event in ‘Information Report’

  • go to ‘Home’ at the top of the screen
  • select ‘Information Report’ in LHS

    • if the security messages appears, select ‘OK’
    • complete ‘short description’ with ‘Suspected Tax Credit Fraud’
    • complete ‘Information Report Detail’ with longer description
    • save and note the ‘Event E’ reference on the activity sheet/daybook.
  • go to Step 3.

Step 3

Nominal’s must be created or matched to see if they are already on the system

  • select ‘Event Nominal’ on LHS

    • from the drop down menu select ‘Person’ and then ‘Add Nominal’
    • under ‘Role’ type ‘Claimant’ or ‘Suspected Partner’, depending who you are creating the nominal for
    • in ‘Person, Name and Age details’ complete name, DOB, NINO, address and sex
    • in ‘Other details’ complete the NINO in ‘NINO’ section
    • in ‘Postal Address’ add the address and select the country from the drop down menu
    • save and return for each section.
  • once completed use find matches to check the database for any existing records held. A long list of possible matches will be displayed; check any matches highlighted in blue to see if the details match your suspect
  • go to Step 4.

Step 4

If there is no match, go to Step 5 

If there is a match, go to Step 6 

Step 5

  • Select ‘Create New Nominal’ noting the ‘N’ reference number on the request template
  • for undeclared partner cases and joint claims both the customer and the partner’s details need to be set up on Centaur. They will need to be associated on the system
  • once you have entered the details of the last nominal and there are no matches select ‘create new nominal’. Go to Step 7.

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Step 6

  • The matching case will be highlighted in blue
  • select the matching nominal and follow the prompts
  • you cannot progress until you complete the first box ‘Reason’
  • you can link a nominal using the reference number, if you have it, otherwise follow the associated prompts and drop down menus
  • go to Step 7.

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Step 7

After cases have been linked always ‘validate’ the entries by going to ‘Event Summary’ on LHS

  • end of process.