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HMRC internal manual

Tax Credits Manual

How to pay and remit a four-week run-on entitlement

Version 1.0

Changes to previous version - new guidance

Step 1

On the ‘Function Menu’

  • select ‘Payments’ on the toolbar
  • select ‘User Requested Payment’ from the options available.

If the ‘User Requested Payment - Signals’ screen displays

  • select ‘Cancel’. You will be taken back to the ‘User Requested Payment’ screen
  • go to Step 2.

If you are taken straight to the ‘User Requested Payment’ screen, go to Step 2.

Step 2

On the ‘User Requested Payment’ screen

  • select ‘Request’. You will be taken to the ‘User Requested Payment Detail’ screen
  • enter the amount to be paid in the ‘WTC Amount’ field
  • select the correct recipient from the ‘Payment Recipient’ field
  • select the appropriate reason from the ‘Reason for Payment’ field

Note: This will be either ‘4WRO’ or ‘4WRO Finalisation’.

  • select

    • a period from the ‘Existing 4WRO Periods’ field

    or, for a second or subsequent four-week run-on entitlement period in a tax year

    • the ‘New 4WRO Period’ checkbox

Note: The ‘New 4WRO Period’ checkbox cannot be selected if the reason in the ‘Reason for Payment’ field is‘4WRO Finalisation’. This reason must be associated with a specific four-week run-on entitlement period.

Note: Once a payment is entered in the ‘User Requested Payment’ screen, the ‘Remit 4WRO Payment’ checkbox is automatically selected. This checkbox must remain selected because if it is un-selected the payment will be added to the payment schedule which will cause an overpayment.

Note: If you want to make changes to the user requested payment you will have to cancel out of this screen and re-request the payment.

  • select ‘OK’. You have made the payment and remitted the four-week run-on entitlement.