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HMRC internal manual

Tax Credits Manual

How to access SEES letters and forms

Step 1

Before creating a letter on SEES, take the following action:

  • select ‘Worklist’ on the toolbar
  • access Excel
  • from the ‘SEES’ drop-down menu, select ‘Forms and Letters’. A ‘SEES Forms and Letters’ box should appear
  • under ‘Show checked form categories’ select the ‘Benefits and Credits’ checkbox. A list of B&C sub-categories should appear on the left. Make sure that all the other category checkboxes are blank
    Note: selecting any of the sub-categories on the left will display the list of letters and forms relating to that category
  • ensure that the following checkboxes are also blank
    • ‘Typing on behalf of someone else?’
    • ‘Close this window after form OK’d?’
    • ‘Save last freetext letter issued/previewed
  • ensure that the following checkbox is completed
    • ‘All forms and letters to print on both sides of paper’
      Note: Letters to the customer can be printed on both sides of the paper if your printer has the facility to do this. The exceptions to this are Adjudicator letters, MP letters and briefs for parliamentary committees, the Ombudsman and the Assisted Ombudsman.
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Step 2

The list of letters displayed may contain some that are not appropriate to your work. To create your own list of letters

  • select the ‘Add Forms to Favourites’ tab. When a prompt appears, select [OK]select the relevant claim
  • select the letters you require
  • select the [OK- Add forms] button. Your favourite letters should then appear. If you need to amend this list, highlight the appropriate letter and select the [Remove from Favourites] button. When a prompt appears, select [OK].
    Note: More Benefits and Credits letters will become available as they are transferred onto SEES. It is therefore important that you regularly check the full list of available letters by selecting the ‘Show all forms’ tab. You can then add them to your ‘Favourites’ as appropriate.
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Step 3

When you need to use an alternative phone number instead of the Helpline number you will need to take the following action

Note: the following action will permanently change your settings until you change them again. If you only need an alternative number on an infrequent basis, then you will need to changes your settings back to the Helpline number after each instance

  • select ‘Personal Setup’
  • enter the required phone number in the ‘Direct Dial’ box. This may be your own direct number or a specific number for the team/area
  • select the ‘Use direct dial at top of page’ checkbox
  • if appropriate, select the ‘Use Own Opening Hours’ checkbox and enter the opening times relating to the alternative phone number
    Note: please use the following format for alternative opening hours - 9:00am to 5:00pm

To change your settings back to the Helpline number,

  • select ‘Personal Setup’ and uncheck the ‘Use direct dial at top of page’ checkbox. You don’t need to delete the phone number from the ‘Direct Dial’ box