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HMRC internal manual

Tax Credits Manual

Stopping tax credits: work lists (unfinalised): awaiting change of circumstances


Before you follow this guidance, make sure you

  • have the correct user roles to follow this guidance. Use the B&C Roles and Access Catalogue. You can find this by going to the Benefits & Credits homepage, selecting ‘R’ on the B&C A-Z index, selecting ‘Roles and Access Process’, selecting ‘Roles & Access Catalogue’ from the related links menu.
  • are in the correct MU. Use TCM0322460 for the correct MU number.


An ‘Awaiting Change of Circumstances’ work item occurs when

  • the customer has ticked the Award Declaration to show that the Statement of Circumstances (SOC) shown on their Award Review is incorrect


  • the change of circumstances still hasn’t been received by the In Year Specified Date (IYSD).

You must send form TC606 to the customer to ask for the details of the change of circumstances. If the customer

  • provides all of the information required for the change of circumstances the change will be processed as normal
  • states that they don’t have a change of circumstances to report and their circumstances are correct, the Statement of Circumstances (SOC) checkbox that indicates the circumstances are correct will be changed

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Note: When sending customer, staff or process data to another individual or team, make sure you follow the latest data security guidelines or contact the Data Guardian or Data Security Team for advice.

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Step 1

Sort and filter the work list by the specified date and then ascending creation date so that you work the oldest claim first. For how to do this, use TCM1000590 and TCM1000208.

Note: IYSD will be a case specific date, so you must allow for other years coming on to the work list.

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Step 2

Check and make a note if the Household Breakdown signal is set. For how to do this, use TCM1000598.

If the Household Breakdown signal is not shown

  • use function View Application to establish the correct address for the customer. For how to do this, use TCM1000111 
  • go to Step 3.

If the Household Breakdown signal is shown

  • use function View Application to establish the correct address for the customer following the Household Breakdown. For how to do this, use TCM1000111 
  • go to Step 4.

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Step 3

Access the tax credits computer to make a note of the latest award period. For how to do this, use TCM1000212 

Note: Ensure you select the award version with the relevant issue date for the award period being finalised. If the customer has been in more than one family during the award period, ensure you select the correct version date.

  • complete form TC606 using the award start and end dates you noted

If it is a Household Breakdown case

  • choose option 5 - ‘Change of Circumstances required for Ceased case’
  • for anything else, choose option 4 - ‘Change of Circumstances required for continuing case’
  • go to Step 4.

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Step 4

Set an action date of 14 days on the In Year Unfinalised IYS17 work list item. For how to do this use, TCM1000008 

  • transfer the Unfinalised IYS17 worklist item to the ‘Unfinalised IYS17 Awaiting COC BF’ MU. For how to do this, use TCM1000023 
  • go to Step 5.

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Step 5

Following your action

  • update Household Notes with the message TI43 from TCM0174020. For how to do this, use TCM1000001 

Note: If this Household Note does not cover the action you have taken, record any additional action using the ‘General’ category.

  • take no further action.