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HMRC internal manual

Tax Credits Manual

Renewals - miscellaneous (A-F): Renewals finalise (Info)

You will use the Process screen in Function MANAGE FINALISATION to finalise Previous Year (PY) where instructions specifically direct that this Function should be used to process the claim.

The option to finalise an award can be made when

  • Claimant Compliance gives permission to finalise a year that is no longer under examination or enquiry
  • an Appeals Officer gives permission to finalise the award
  • Verification Failures are to be bypassed
  • an award has already been finalised after the claim’s 1st Specified Date (1SD) using an estimated income and it’s decided to use the PY estimated income as actual income
  • the customer has returned their S17 notice up to and including the claim’s 1SD
  • the claim has not already been finalised after the claim’s 1SD.

Before a previous year (PY) award can be finalised, one of the following actions must have taken place to Current Year (CY) award

  • it must have been renewed
  • it must have been terminated
  • there must be no CY entitlement


  • the CY award must have been awarded (CY initial award, amended award or ceased).

At least one S17 notice for the household period must have been served.

To prompt the correct wording to appear on the S17 notice issued to the customer, you must select one of the following reasons for finalising it

  • ‘Incomplete Annual Declaration’
  • ‘Full Reply’
  • ‘No Reply’
  • ‘No Change of Circumstances’.