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HMRC internal manual

Shares and Assets Valuation Manual

Files and Forms: Electronic case folder

During 2013 a new electronic record management system was set up in SAV.  This was to ensure that all valuers routinely save copies of letters, case memos, notes of telephone conversations or notes of meetings electronically and that these documents are saved centrally and not in personal drives.  This also allows SAV to ensure that taxpayer information held electronically is destroyed in line with record management and retention guidance.

Each valuer now has an individual Controlled Access Folder (CAF) within their Valuation Group CAF.  Within this individual CAF are two electronic folders – ‘Open Cases’ and ‘Other’.

Open Cases folder

The Open Cases folder contains a further electronic folder for each open case worked by that valuer.  All electronic documentation in regard to that case should be stored in this folder only and saved in date order.  This should include any work done on the case by a manager or a colleague.

The naming convention of the documents should be YYMMDD followed by a description of the item, ideally stating internal, external, manager and so on.  This means it is clear when the last internal and external customer contact was made.

All significant items should be typed up and saved into the CAF.  This includes:

  • Initial review / case plan – see SVM102070
  • Notes of telephone conversations
  • Letters / memos
  • Meeting notes
  • Emails – all emails should ideally be stored in outlook format in the case folder and the email deleted from Outlook
  • Governance / management notes

Valuers should all be using the same centrally produced letterheads, available on SEES, and not old letterheads they have saved somewhere.

Other folder

The Other folder should not contain any case related work.

New cases

When a new case is allocated to a valuer the Business Support Team (BST) will set up a new electronic folder with the company name in the Open Case folder in the valuer’s CAF.  The BST will also add a case plan stencil and Governance stencil to each new Open Case folder.

Closed cases

When a case is closed, the valuer should close down the paper file, filling in the Closure Box mentioned in SVM102050.  Before moving the paper file to store the BST will move the electronic case folder from the valuer’s individual CAF to a central closed cases CAF and update a spreadsheet.  This will ensure that valuers only have open case electronic folders in their CAF.


  Additional Guidance: SVM150000