HMRC internal manual

Self Assessment Manual

SAM73001 - Manage work: management statistics: introduction

Statistics for management information relating to SA are produced automatically for each Organisation Unit.

Weekly and monthly management information reports are available on the InfoNet site on the Intranet. Registration is necessary and can be obtained from the Systems Policy and Support Team (IMS) – email DL-Systems Policy and Support.

After logging on to InfoNet the SA reports can be found under the following categories

  • Receivables SA – for all SA DARM and receivables reports
  • SA Charges and Appeals – for reports on appeals, assessments, penalties and standovers
  • SA Return Processing – including SA Weekly MIS and returns reports
  • SA Taxpayer Records
  • SA WorkList Processing

Weekly Statistics

SA Weekly MIS is updated every Monday.

Monthly Statistics

Monthly reports are updated the first Friday in the month following the LOMR input.

TSS provides certain statistics for Trust and Estate returns. These statistics are taken from TSS and entered automatically on toOLDC.