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Self Assessment Manual

SAM71148 - Manage work: work management: W049 short tax return rejection work list


A work item is created where a Short Tax Return (SA200) has been rejected for one of the following reasons

  • The return contains error messages
  • PAYE underpayment figures are missing
  • A credibility check (formerly sanity check) is required

Specific details

Other than details common or potentially common to all types of work item, the following specific details will be available

  • Return year
  • Reason rejected

Allocation of responsibility

The work item is allocated to the office with processing responsibility for the taxpayer. Within that office the item will be worked by an officer with the user role of Clerical Processing Officer.

Frequency of review

This list must be reviewed as directed.

Updating details

Until the work item is cleared, Work Management updates the following details held on the work item immediately the corresponding entry is updated on the taxpayer record

  • Taxpayer name
  • NINO
  • Employer reference (EMPREF) or Schedule D register number

Action to take on the work item

Advice on the action to take to clear the work item is available as a standard process description - see SAM125160 (This content has been withheld because of exemptions in the Freedom of Information Act 2000) .

Deletion of the work item

The work item is deleted automatically when any of the following occur

  • The SA200 is fully captured in Local Data Capture (LDC)
  • The liability is entered using function CREATE RETURN CHARGE. Note: If the entry is not worked before the time limit set for the tax year of that entry, using this function will not delete the work item. The work item will become permanent and cannot be removed
  • The return is unlogged

The work item cannot be manually deleted.