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Self Assessment Manual

Manage work: work management: W033 transfer to COP security review

Note: There is no requirement to review this work list pending further instructions.


A periodic batch process selects a percentage of cases (up to a maximum of 50 cases per Organisation Unit per day) where function RECORD TRANSFER TO COP has been used since the process last ran.

Specific details

Other than details common or potentially common to all types of work item, the following specific details will be available



  • Return year
  • Operator ID

Allocation of responsibility

The work item is allocated to the office with processing responsibility, and is to be worked by an officer with the user role of Clerical Processing Manager.

Frequency of review

It is recommended that this list is reviewed as directed.

Updating of details

Until the work item is cleared, the following details held on the work item are updated by Work Management immediately the corresponding entry is updated on the taxpayer record





  • Taxpayer name
  • NINO
  • Employers reference (EMPREF) or Schedule D register number

Action to take on the work item

Advice on the action required to review this item is in the section ‘Transfer from SA to PAYE’ (SAM141041).

Deletion of the work item

The work item is not deleted automatically. It should be deleted manually using function WORK LIST CASES or function SELECTED CASE, when your review has been completed.