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HMRC internal manual

Self Assessment Manual

Manage work: work management: W016 manual issue of return


A work item is created when the automatic selection process selects a record for issue of an SA return, but is unable to issue the return to the taxpayer automatically.

Specific details

Other than details common or potentially common to all types of work item, the following specific details will be available

  • Return type (return or Notice to File)
  • Return year

And as appropriate

  • Welsh language signal
  • Deceased cases which are populated 30 days after the Deceased signal is set, where the Final Return Signal is not set. These cases will populate the worklist created under OUID 201400 on a daily basis.
  • RLS signal set
  • Manual return signal set for any other reason

Allocation of responsibility

The work item is allocated to the office with processing responsibility for the taxpayer. Within that office, the item will be worked by an officer with the user role of Clerical Processing Officer.

Frequency of review

The majority of work items on this list will be created following automatic selection process in February, and should be cleared in time for issue of returns on the first working day after 5 April. Otherwise, during the course of the year items will only be created following use of function RECORD RETURN REQUEST when the record holds an inhibition to automatic issue of the return.

It is recommended that this list is reviewed as directed.

Updating of details

Until the work item is cleared, the following details held on the work item are updated by Work Management immediately the corresponding entry is updated on the taxpayer record

  • Taxpayer’s name
  • NINO
  • Employers reference (EMPREF) or Schedule D register number

Action to take on the work item

Advice on the action to take to clear the work item is available in the section ‘Returns Work Lists’, as follows

  • Manual issue of return: Welsh language (SAM125071)
  • Manual issue of return: deceased signal (SAM125081)
  • Manual issue of return RLS signal (SAM125091)
  • Manual issue of return: Manual return signal (SAM125101)

Deletion of the work item

The work item is deleted automatically when any of the following occur

  • Function RECORD DATE OF CLERICAL ISSUE is used to record the manual issue of the return on the SA record
  • You remove the inhibition to automatic issue from the SA record, for example the Manual Return signal, and use function RECORD RETURN REQUEST to request automatic issue of the return
  • Function AMEND TAXPAYER SIGNALS is used to set the ‘Last SA Return Required For Year Ended 5 April’ signal

It can be deleted manually, using function WORK LIST CASES or function SELECTED CASE.