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HMRC internal manual

Self Assessment Manual

Manage work: work management: lists in the network

Lists produced by Work Management are available online in the SA system. Other lists, primarily from Local Data Capture (LDC) are on paper.

Work Management

The available work lists are shown below.

If you want to see the specific event(s) and details for a list select the hyperlink or see the Index of Work Lists in the left bar.

Work list name More information
W008 Outstanding debt and/or return SAM71080
W010 BF Penalty for Issue SAM71082
W011 Review remission for cancellation SAM71084
W012 Remissions and remission cancellation quality assurance SAM71086
W013 Potential transfer cases SAM71088
W014 Bankruptcy or voluntary arrangement cases SAM71090
W015 Open appeals SAM71092
W016 Manual issue of returns SAM71094
W018 Review Revenue assessments SAM71098
W019 Review informal standovers SAM71100
W024 Duplicate return logged - original already logged or captured SAM71102
W025 Fully captured/unlogged returns SAM71104
W028 Repayments to be authorised or cancelled SAM71106
W029 Rejected repayments SAM71108
W030 Inhibited automatic repayments SAM71110
W031 Post repayment check cases SAM71112
W032 RLS cases SAM71114
W033 Transfer to COP security review SAM71116
W034 Sundry charge quality check SAM71118
W035 Manual issue of review form 575 SAM71120
W036 Informal discharge review SAM71122
W037 Reduction of amount coded out SAM71124
W038 Freestanding credit review SAM71126
W039 Potential non-filers - currently not available SAM71128
W040 Inhibited statements SAM71130
W041 Manual statement issue SAM71132
W042 Returns not captured SAM71134
W043 Repayments for Quality Checks SAM71136
W044 Over-Repayments SAM71138
W047 Overpayments in Closed Cases SAM71144
W048 Permanent Notes Review Work list SAM71146
W049 Short Tax Return Rejection Work list SAM71148
W050 CID Framework Rejection List SAM71150
W051 Daily Returns Review - Ceased Date Set (Decommissioned April 2012) SAM71152
W052 Daily Returns Review - SA/PAYE Auto-coding exceptions SAM71154
W053 Daily Returns Review - Electronic Return Cases SAM71156
W054 Weekly Returns Review List SAM71158
W055 Failed online amendments and HMRC Corrections SAM71159
W056 Partnership online amendments SAM71160
W057 Review FSC from return amendment SAM71161
W059 Online Return Rejections SAM71163
W061 Class 2 NICS and Marriage updates SAM71165


Other work lists in the Compliance area are held on the CQI Workbench.


Detailed advice on the creation of work items, and the information held on work lists on the CQI Workbench, is available in the section ‘Compliance Work lists’, (SAM33000 onwards).

Paper lists

The following lists are available to help manage returns work

  • Deleted Returns
  • LDC Returns - Capture Failures - (no record found)
  • LDC Returns - Logging Failures - (no record found)
  • LDC Returns to be deleted
  • LDC Returns

Note: Further information on the paper lists above can be found in

* Subject ‘Paper Reports: Individuals’ in section ‘Individual Returns’ ([SAM121500](
* Subject ‘Paper Reports: Partnerships’ in section ‘Partnership Returns’ (SAM122200)
* Or subject ‘Paper Reports: Trusts’ in section ‘Trust Returns’ ([SAM123250](
  • Note: Further information on the last two paper lists above can be found in Business area ‘Returns’ in section ‘ Filing Returns Online’ (SAM126000 onwards).