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HMRC internal manual

Self Assessment Manual

Manage work: work management: introduction


The purpose of Work Management is to draw to your attention matters that may require judgmental or clerical action.

When certain events occur in the SA system, details are passed to Work Management to create a work item. Work Management then

  • Allocates that work item to the office with responsibility for that type of Revenue activity


  • Enters that work item on the appropriate work list, which is available for display on screen

The structure of your office determines the user roles required, and the work lists allocated to your office. For example

  • Your office might have both processing and technical responsibilities therefore

    • Processing and technical user roles are required and
    • Processing and technical work lists will be allocated to the office
  • Or your office might have only one or the other
  • Or your office might be a Debt Management Office with recovery responsibilities, therefore

    • Recovery user roles are required and recovery work lists will be allocated to the office

When accessing a work list, you will be presented with a list of all work items

  • Of the same work type
  • For your Organisation Unit
  • Under your user role

Work Management functions

Work Management functions allow you to take any of the following courses of action on work lists

  • View a summary of all work lists for your Organisation Unit for the Revenue activity determined by your user role. For example, as a Clerical Processing Officer you will see all processing work lists for your Organisation Unit and not just those proper to your user role
  • View a summary of all work lists proper to your user role and Organisation Unit
  • View a summary of all Immediate Action Work lists proper to your user role and Organisation Unit
  • Select the work list that you want to view, or if you have update access to that list, on which you want to action the individual entries
  • View detailed statistics for the selected work list
  • Select a revised presentation for the work list, that is in a different order, or filtered so that only those cases which have specific conditions present are shown
  • Print up to the first 100 entries on a full or filtered work list (Note: The [Print] button has been temporarily withdrawn)


  • Select a work list entry (work item) to view all available details on that work item
  • View a summary of all work lists, whatever the type of Revenue activity, that contain an entry for the selected taxpayer

Update access to a work list

Where you have update access to a selected work list, further Work Management functions are available to you. On selecting the work list entry that you want to action, you may choose your next course of action. This will be one of the following

  • Access the function for the next normal action on the selected work item
  • Select a function other than the function for the next normal action on the selected work item
  • Enter or amend a b/f date or b/f note on the selected work item
  • Transfer the work item to an office with responsibility for a different area of Revenue activity, provided that office is permitted to deal with the particular type of work item 
  • Delete the selected work item, if manual deletion is permitted for that item

Printing a work list

Work Management maintains most of the details held on a work item in line with changes on the SA record. This means that by working from the online list, you have the most up to date information available.

The user role Worklist Viewer allows view only access to all work lists in your Organisation Unit. It is envisaged that an operator with this user role will print a list and obtain the files for those cases listed, if it is necessary to refer to the file to work the particular list.

The [Print] button on the work list screen allows you to print up to 100 items within the current filter and sort criteria. Alternatively, the contents of a single screen of work items (up to 20 work items) may be printed by selecting the print option from the menu at the top of the screen.

It is recommended that you do not then work from the printed work list as a matter of course. If exceptionally you choose to do so, you should bear in mind that the printed work list will become progressively more out of date from the moment that it is printed.