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HMRC internal manual

Self Assessment Manual

Statements: statement issue: view and print copy of today’s statement

There is no facility to request a statement to be printed outside the normal statement issue cycle.

However, function VIEW STATEMENT provides access to all statement information and allows you to produce either a SEES SA statement or, exceptionally, a screen print of

  • The details held so far for the next statement to be created, that is ’today’s’ statement, as well as
  • Any issued statement that is available to view

Note: Wherever possible you should first try to produce a copy of an issued statement through the SA View L & P service

Today’s statement shows all the credit and debit transactions recorded since the last statement (if any) was created.

The SEES SA Statement (or screen print) of today’s statement can be used to help answer taxpayer enquiries, for example, where a taxpayer requests early acknowledgement of payment.

Where a SEES SA Statement (or screen print) is taken of today’s statement the

  • SEES SA Statement (or screen print) does not interrupt the sequential numbering of statements produced from the statement issue cycle
  • You should consider keeping a copy if the original is to go to the taxpayer. A replica of the ‘Today’s’ SEES SA Statement (or screen print) cannot be reproduced on a later day

A printed payslip is not included with the SEES SA statement (or screen print). A completed clerical payslip should be given to the taxpayer if one is requested. If the taxpayer requests a payslip and the payment is overdue or imminent, ask the taxpayer to send the payment to Banking Operations at Shipley (for both Cumbernauld and Shipley payments) without delay and say what reference number to quote.


1. When the issue of a statement has been stopped manually, the words ‘Statement Inhibited’ are displayed by the column headings. If statements remain inhibited, the same words are displayed on ‘today’s’ statement. The SEES SA Statement will not show this message, but the screen print will.
2. The ‘For information only’ message is displayed when you view a statement in an insolvency (BY) or Time to Pay (TTP) case. For more information see section ‘Statement Messages’.
3. The statement data in the ‘Created’ and ‘Type’ columns on screen is for HRMC use. This will not be shown on a SEES SA Statement but you cannot stop it being included in a screen print. When you give taxpayers a screen print tell them to ignore the information in these columns. For an explanation of the ‘Type’ codes see subject ‘Screen Print: Transaction Types’ in section ‘Transactions on Statements’ (SAM132040).

General guidance

Please note, whilst we recognise it may be necessary to take a screen print of a statement for internal use, where a copy is requested by a taxpayer or their agent you should first encourage them to use the online service SA View L & P. Where the taxpayer still requests a paper copy you should use the internal SA View L & P facility, or where a copy of ‘Today’s’ statement is required, the SEES SA Statement and not issue a screen print.

When, exceptionally, you receive an enquiry that can only be answered by providing a screen print, such as where the above services are unavailable or the taxpayer needs a full breakdown of items summarised on an issued statement

1. If you hand the taxpayer a screen print at the enquiry counter you should explain where to find the information the taxpayer is seeking
2. Where you decide to send a screen print in answer to a telephone enquiry
  * Tell the taxpayer what information you are sending
  * Include details of a contact name and telephone number
  * Consider whether to send a letter of explanation and / or a payslip
3. Unless the taxpayer requests an immediate answer and / or confirms a screen print will suffice, send a letter in response to a written enquiry. Consider if the screen print details would be better incorporated in any letter