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HMRC internal manual

Self Assessment Manual

Returns: filing returns online: identifying and viewing a return filed online (Action Guide)

Where you want to identify and view the full Internet return follow steps 1 - 3 below. Where you want to view attachments filed online follow step 4.

This guide is presented as follows

  Step 1
  Step 2
  Step 3
  Step 4


For details of how to access the SA functions, select ‘Index Of Functions’ on the left of the screen.


To identify a return filed online

1. Use function VIEW RETURN to view the Summary Information screen
  If the return has been filed online the method of capture will be shown as ‘Internet’

To view the full Internet return for an Individual case

| 2. | In function VIEW RETURN make sure that you are viewing version 1 and either | || |   | * Select ‘Full Internet Return’ from the file option on the menu bar
Or | |   | * Select the button with the magnifying glass (next to the spanner) on the toolbar |

To view the full Internet return for a Partnership or Trust case

3. In function VIEW RETURN make sure that you are viewing version 1 and
  * Select ‘Corporate Services’ from the ‘My Services’
  * Select ‘Individuals’
  * Select ‘SA View P and T Rtns’

To view attachments filed online

| 4. | In function VIEW RETURN either | || |   | * Select the ‘Yes’ button from the dialogue box which is displayed after you have viewed the Summary Information screen
Or | |   | * Select the [View Attachment] button (with the letter E on a camera lens) on the toolbar
Or | |   | * Select the [View Attachment] option from the VIEW heading on the menu bar | |   | Notes: | |   | a. None of these options are available if an attachment is not present | |   | b.  If you are unable to view an attachment, contact the IT Service Centre for assistance | |   | c. When you select an option to view an attachment, the return being viewed at the time may be a later version than the return filed online. |