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Returns: returns work lists: w042 returns not captured

A work item is created and entered on the ‘Returns Not Captured’ Work List when Individual, Partnership, Trust and Pension Scheme returns have been logged for more than XX days, where XX is the number of days work the Return Capture team have on hand. For example, 2014-15 returns logged on 01 December 2015 but not captured would appear on the Work List after 14 January 2016.

Note: Check if a w059 ‘online return rejection’ work item exists. If one does exist, do not work the w042 ‘returns not captured’. You should work the w059 ‘online return rejection’ first, if not the return will no longer be accessible. Follow wO59 ‘Online return rejections’   ( SAM71163)  

From April 2015, a new function ‘Maintain OU Delay Period’ (MODP) will be available to the Capture Team Manager which will enable the 45 day perameter to be amended according to the daily fluctuations in workload. Using this function will mean that no cases should be added to this worklist simply where the team have a backlog on hand but will only be listed where there is a definite need for action to be taken. For further details about this function, refer to the Functions index.

Once in the ‘Maintain OU Delay Period’ screen, the operator will see the OUID and existing period. The only field requiring completion is the’ New Period’ field which will only accept a value from 14 up, to and including, 45. If any other value is entered an error message will be displayed prompting the operator to enter a valid value between 14 and 45. There is no restriction on the number of times the period can be changed.

The ‘Returns Not Captured’ Work List is allocated to the Clerical Processing Officer in the office with processing responsibility

The work item is automatically deleted when you

  • Fully capture the return in Local Data Capture (LDC)


  • Enter the liability using function CREATE RETURN CHARGE (for Individuals and Trusts)


  • Unlog the return

Work items cannot be deleted manually and will remain on the list until the return or liability details have been recorded or the return has been unlogged.

Work items for the current return year (CY-1) will be updated weekly. Work items for CY-2 and earlier return years will be updated quarterly. Eventually the Work List will cover CY-7 to CY-2 inclusive.

You may find the Work List useful in November in helping you to identify from cases awaiting capture those logged on or before the 31 October. Cases which result in an underpayment that is to be included in the code should be dealt with as a priority.