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Self Assessment Manual

Records: maintain taxpayer record: maintain trust record

A trust record will have been set up on the SA system by use of function SET UP TRUST. The trustees will have been set up using function SET UP CAPACITY DETAILS. The computer will accept the first trustee entered as the main trustee to whom correspondence will be issued.

Trust as Partner

Exceptionally a trust or executor may be a partner in a partnership. A partner source cannot be entered on a trust record.

A link is required between the partnership SA record and the record for each partner because, for example, each of the partners may incur a penalty for non submission or late filing of the partnership return.

Where a trust or executor is a partner you will have to set up an individual SA record in the name of a nominated trustee / executor in accordance with the Action Guide ‘Trust Record And Partner Source’ in section ‘Set Up Taxpayer’.

An SA return is not required from the nominated trustee / executor from this record, so you will need to set the Last SA Return Required For Year Ending 5 April signal to the 5 April previous to the date the partner source commenced. Any income of the trust or period of administration arising from this source will be included in the return issued from the trust record.

Pension Schemes and Periods of Administration

Pension schemes, formerly known as superannuation funds, fall within SA as regards the trustee’s liability on the scheme’s investment income. SA records are set up with the record type trust. Any office with responsibility for processing work may, therefore have responsibility for an SA case with the record type trust. See subject ‘Pension Schemes’ in section ‘Set Up Taxpayer Record’ (SAM100150) for more details.

This SA liability should not be confused with liability outside SA which may arise on Administrators of the scheme, who are responsible for notifying liability on certain payments made by the scheme. Liability is dealt with through CODA Special Assessing.

Similarly, periods of administration are set up within SA with the record type trust. See subject ‘Periods of Administration’ in section ‘Set Up Taxpayer Record’ (SAM100160) for more details. An SA record for a Period of Administration is not, however, required if the Period of Administration is immediately followed by a trust.

You can amend any of the details set up on the SA record in respect of a trust for which your office is responsible.

You will find further information on maintaining the trust record in the following subjects

If you want to know which function(s) to use to maintain different aspects of a trust’s SA record

  • Select ‘Index of Functions’ on the left of the screen