HMRC internal manual

Repayment Claims Manual

Issuing a manual payable order: Updating the records

Take the steps detailed below after completing the R90 form. Where the arrear relates to an assessment in another District or on another section use EM to tell the other District or section the steps to take.

Record the set-off

on the file copy of the assessment against which you are making the set-off

on any advisory form showing the arrear on any relevant `Awaiting Remission Order’ on the front cover of the PN folder or assessing sub-file if there is a note of the remission(see AD4366 and AD4386).

Update District stand over records as follows

CODA assessments

14 days after the issue of the payable order use
AP to cancel or amend any stand over to agree with R90 form. Cancel or amend any entry in the ACL

manual assessments

cancel or amend any DZ41 and any entry in the ACL to agree with the R90 form.