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HMRC internal manual

Repayment Claims Manual

Setting up and amending: entering a name

Use asterisks when you enter a name in the fields


These asterisks tell the computer where the various parts of the name begin and end.Without them the computer would read the name as one continuous line of characters. Theasterisks will not be printed on output to the public.

The rules on where to enter the asterisks depend on whether you are entering the name of an individual or non-individual. The examples in the table below will help you.

| Type | Example | || | Individual | MR*D C*CAMPBELL
If you do not know the initials enter the two asterisks between the title and the surname as follows
MRSJONES | | Non-individual | MESSRSBOSTON & CO

You must have at least two but no more than three asterisks.

The first character after the second asterisk must be a letter or a number.

The second asterisk must be in front of the word which you wish the computer to use for sorting within the National Tracing Service.

In the name fields the only acceptable characters are

A - Z 0 - 9 , . ( ) / & - ‘ *

Where a name is too long for the first line choose a logical place at which to start the second.

Do not split a surname between the first and second lines unless it is hyphenated in which case move on to the second line after the hyphen.

Always use line 1 before line 2. If the name cannot fit in the two lines available, enter an abbreviated form. Note the file that all correspondence, including payable orders, must be issued manually.