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HMRC internal manual

PAYE Manual

Employer records: employer mailings: priority issue of coding notifications (Action Guide)

To deal with a request for the priority issue of annual coding notifications by an employer or their Payroll Agent follow steps 1 - 5 below. The Guide is presented as follows

  Steps 1 - 2
  Step 3
  Step 4
  Step 5

For details of how to access any of the Employer Business Service functions, use PAYE057.

Note: It is important to remember that the unnecessary use of the priority issue service can cause delays for other coding issues and so should only be offered where an employer or their Payroll agent have a genuine need for this service

Initial action

On receipt of a request for the priority coding issue service

1. You will need to establish whether the employer uses Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) facilities to receive coding notifications. Do this by either
  * Asking the employer direct
  * Using Function VIEW EMPLOYER PACK AND CODING REQUIREMENTS to view the appropriate information on the employer record
2. If the employer
  * Does use EDI facilities go to step 3
  * Does not use EDI go to step 4

EDI or Internet employers

3. Where a request is received for a priority code issue by an employer who uses Electronic Data Interchange or Internet
  * Contact the employer
  * Advise them that the facility they currently use will result in coding notifications being received earlier than the normal paper issue and as such the priority issue service is not applicable in their circumstances

Other cases

  Having satisfied yourself that there is a genuine need for the employer to receive a priority issue
4. Ensure that the date for notifying a case has not passed. This date can be found in the Annual Employer Pack and Annual Code Notification Newsboard
  * If the date has passed
  * Inform the employer of this and advise them of the dates when the annual code issue is expected
  * If the date has not passed go to step 5

Arranging for a priority issue

|   | As the deadline has not passed for requesting a priority code issue | || | 5. | You will need to have the ‘PAYE employer processing officer’ role. The role will be allocated to you by your manager and will be displayed as an icon within ‘My Workplace’ | |   | * Access the Employer Summary screen (this screen can be accessed through Quick Search or the Trace Employer - Results screen - PAYE120010 and PAYE120020) | |   | * On the Employer Summary screen select Edit and select the priority checkbox. Select [Save] to record that a priority issue is to be made before the main employer code notifications
Note: Work item 210 will be generated where the employer is deceased or RLS is set on the employer record | |   | * A Contact History note will be added to the employees records when the output has been issued |