HMRC internal manual

Oil Taxation Manual

OT30043 - Capital Gains: Undeveloped Areas - Definitions - 1


Licence means “any UK licence or foreign oil concession” (TCGA92\S196(5)).

UK licence has the same meaning as in Part I OTA 1975,

For a UK licence an undeveloped area is defined at TCGA92\S196(1)

Foreign oil concession means any right to search for or win overseas petroleum, being a right conferred or exercisable (whether or not by virtue of a licence) in relation to a particular area”.

For a licence other than a UK licence (e.g. a foreign oil concession) an undeveloped area is defined at TGCA92\S196(1A)

TGCA92\S196(5) also defines oil, overseas petroleum, interest, licensee and licensed area for both UK and overseas licences.