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HMRC internal manual

Inheritance Tax Manual

Interim reports: 3 month report

If the valuation is still outstanding at 60 working days after issue, the VOA (IHTM23002) sends an interim report. This is usually our first opportunity to gauge the next appropriate steps (IHTM23081). See IHTM23102 for what to do if the interim report is not sent on time.

The report will explain such things as the current state of play, the respective values on table, and any matters requiring our help. The VOA will continue negotiations unless informed otherwise. However, you should review the case at this stage. You should consider the valuations on offer in relation to the circumstances of the case as a whole and give the VOA further instructions if you consider intervention beneficial.

If the valuations do not warrant further action (for example, on de minimis (IHTM23082) grounds) or you intend to seek a compromise with the taxpayer advise the VOA immediately.

If the valuations warrant further VOA action and you are satisfied with progress you need do nothing but add a review date to your file for six weeks for an informal progress report. Then depending on the circumstances add a review date to the file for 130 working days from the date the VOA 1 or VOA 2 (IHTM23041) was originally issued, for receipt of the 6 month (IHTM23088) report.

After making the 3 month report the VOA should keep you informed of substantive changes to the respective negotiating positions, so that you can ask for additional deposits, etc. if appropriate and/or review of the overall position again, in the light of the changed circumstances.

You can normally expect to receive a written report (by e-mail) but a telephone discussion is perfectly acceptable, and need not necessarily be supplemented by written follow-up, providing that the relevant details are established (and recorded on file).