HMRC internal manual

Inheritance Tax Manual

Transfers on death: general rule

The general rule is that the personal representatives (IHTM05012) are accountable. They have to complete and return an IHT400 for the deceased’s estate. The only exception to this rule is where the estate is an ‘excepted estate’ (IHTM06011).

The time limit for delivering the account is

  • twelve months from the end of the month in which the death occurs, or
  • if later, three months from the date when the personal representatives first acted in that capacity.

Penalties (IHTM36021) may be chargeable if the time limits are not met.

There are special rules covering

  • what property (IHTM10812) needs to be included in the account
  • the provision of estimated values (IHTM10813), and
  • what happens when the personal representatives do not obtain a grant within the normal time limits (IHTM10814).