HMRC internal manual

Inheritance Tax Manual

IHTM05014 - Requirement for a grant: the personal representative’s obligation to make thorough checks

Personal representatives (IHTM05012) (PRs) have a number of important responsibilities. For Inheritance Tax these include a personal obligation to thoroughly check the accuracy of any account (form IHT400) (IHTM10021) they sign.

By signing the IHT400 the PRs declare that to the best of their knowledge and belief the information and statements in the IHT400 and any accompanying schedules (IHTM10033) are correct and complete. If we find out later that the account is incorrect a penalty (IHTM36001) may be payable. If the PRs deliberately conceal information which affects the Inheritance Tax liability, or deliberately include information which they know to be false, they may be liable to prosecution.

Where an application is being made for an excepted estate (IHTM05021) grant the PRs should check the accuracy of the application to make sure the estate meets the requirements (IHTM06013) for this type of grant. If they fail to disclose any material fact, or if further property is found later, the PRs will be liable to pay any Inheritance Tax due. If the PRs have given us false information they may face prosecution.