HMRC internal manual

Export Procedures

EXPP2210 - National Export System (NES) and authorisation procedures: exports to non EU destinations

Electronic links have been established with NES and both the Rural Payments Agency and BIS. In the future Other Government Departments will also link into CHIEF. All CAP licences are checked and written off electronically on submission of a CHIEF export declaration. The licence reference number must be entered in Box 44 of the CHIEF export declaration.

For goods exported under a licence issued by BIS, similar attribution methods can be applied.

Where an electronic export entry reference cannot be given, a fully completed manual Export Safety and Security (ESS) form should be completed. We may ask to see the trader’s goods prior to export. Wherever possible, details must be entered to the official system prior to the departure. More information can be found in Public Notice 6 - Merchandise in Baggage.