HMRC internal manual

Employment Related Securities Manual

ERSM100160 - University Spin-outs

Research Institution collaborations

Example 8

Teams at the universities of Athena and Romulus have been studying the properties of liquids, mostly separately but coming together regularly to compare progress. A breakthrough prompts the formation of a joint spin-out company, Oenophile Ltd., to develop the idea of turning vinegar back into wine. The research developed at each university will be transferred into Oenophile Ltd., and the head of each research team, Epicurus and Apicius respectively, will be shareholders and directors. Epicurus and Apicius will each get 10% of the initial shareholding, 10 x £1 shares, paying their nominal value of £10. Outside investors will inject funding once the chief researchers and IP transfer have been secured.


Epicurus and Apicius are eligible for relief in respect of the IP from both Athena and Romulus universities.