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HMRC internal manual

Employment Income Manual

Conversion Table

### SE ### EIM
SE23000 EIM23000
SE23001 EIM23001
SE23002 EIM23002
SE23003 EIM23003
SE23004 EIM23004
SE23005 EIM23005
SE23006 EIM23006
SE23007 EIM23007
SE23020 EIM23020
SE23020a EIM23020a
SE23030 EIM23030
SE23031 EIM23031
SE23040 EIM23040
SE23041 EIM23041
SE23042 EIM23042
SE23043 EIM23043
SE23044 EIM23044
SE23045 EIM23045
SE23046 EIM23046
SE23050 EIM23050
SE23053 EIM23053
SE23055 EIM23055
SE23060 EIM23060
SE23061 EIM23061
SE23062 EIM23062
SE23070 EIM23070
SE23071 EIM23072
SE23071 EIM23073
SE23071 EIM23074
SE23075 EIM23075
SE23080 EIM23080
SE23081 EIM23081
SE23100 EIM23110
SE23100a EIM23111
SE23101 EIM23120
SE23101 EIM23122
SE23102 Deleted
SE23103 EIM23121
SE23104 EIM23123
SE23107 EIM23135
SE23120 EIM23140
SE23121 EIM23181
SE23122 EIM23182
SE23123 EIM23183
SE23125 EIM23142
SE23126 EIM23142
SE23127 EIM23141 and EIM23180
SE23130 Deleted
SE23131 EIM23150 to EIM23152
SE23132 EIM23144
SE23133 EIM23144
SE23134 EIM23146
SE23135 EIM23145
SE23140 EIM23130
SE23150 EIM23160
SE23155 EIM23170 to EIM23172
SE23156 EIM23184
SE23160 EIM23190
SE23161 EIM23191
SE23162 EIM23192
SE23163 EIM23193
SE23170 EIM23200
SE23171 Deleted
SE23172 EIM23202
SE23173 EIM23203
SE23174 Deleted
SE23179 EIM23205
SE23185 EIM23210
SE23186 EIM23211
SE23187 EIM23212
SE23190 EIM23220
SE23300 Deleted
SE23301 Deleted
SE23302 Deleted
SE23303 Deleted
SE23304 Deleted
SE23305 Deleted
SE23306 Deleted
SE23310 Deleted
SE23311 Deleted
SE23312 Deleted
SE23315 Deleted
SE23316 Deleted
SE23317 Deleted
SE23320 Deleted
SE23321 Deleted
SE23322 Deleted
SE23323 Deleted
SE23324 Deleted
SE23325 Deleted
SE23330 Deleted
SE23335 Deleted
SE23336 Deleted
SE23350 EIM23350
SE23355 Deleted
SE23360 EIM23400
SE23365 EIM23425
SE23370 EIM23430
SE23375 EIM23470
SE23380 EIM23410
SE23385 EIM23360
SE23390 EIM23370
SE23395 EIM23365
SE23400 EIM23375
SE23405 EIM23380
SE23410 EIM23385
SE23415 EIM23390
SE23420 EIM23480
SE23425 EIM23415
SE23430 Deleted
SE23435 EIM23435
SE23440 EIM23440
SE23445 EIM23445
SE23450 EIM23450
SE23455 EIM23455
SE23460 EIM23460
SE23465 EIM23465
SE23470 EIM23420
SE23490 EIM23490
SE23491 EIM23491
SE23492 EIM23492
SE23493 EIM23493
SE23494 EIM23494
SE23495 EIM23495
SE23500 EIM23500
SE23501 EIM23501
SE23502 EIM23502
SE23503 EIM23503
SE23504 EIM23504
SE23510 EIM23510
SE23511 EIM23511
SE23512 EIM23512
SE23513 EIM23513
SE23514 EIM23514
SE23530 EIM23530
SE23531 EIM23531
SE23532 EIM23532
SE23533 EIM23533
SE23545 Deleted
SE23546 Deleted
SE23547 EIM23547
SE23550 EIM23550
SE23555 EIM23555
SE23600 EIM23600
SE23601 EIM23601
SE23640 EIM23640
SE23641 EIM23641
SE23642 EIM23642
SE23642a EIM23643
SE23643 EIM23644
SE23644 EIM23645
SE23680 Deleted