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Debt Management and Banking Manual

Enforcement: Recording fees and charges: Creating cost charges on SAFE

Creating cost charges on SAFE

To create a cost charge on SAFE

  • use SAFE Function ‘Raise a Charge’

    • selecting the appropriate charge type as shown in the following table.

Full instructions about creating charges can be found on the SAFE Work Instruction pages.

Cost/fee type* SAFE Charge type SAFE Duty type
Distraint Distraint Costs Distraint Costs - Law Costs
SP SP Costs SP Costs - Law Costs
CCP CCP Costs CCP Costs - Law Costs
CCP (CCBC) CCP Costs (CCBC) CCP Costs (CCBC) - Law Costs (see below)
Summary Warrant Summary Warrant Summary Warrant - Law Costs
Ordinary Cause/Summary Proceedings (Scotland) Ordinary Cause Ordinary Cause - Law Costs
HC Costs HC Costs (EO/ICHU) HC Costs (EO/ICHU) - Law Costs
Judgment Debt Interest EO Judgment Debt Interest EO Judgment Debt - IT Interest


Note: Costs recorded on SAFE include additional fees and costs awarded to the claimant (in Scotland costs awarded to the pursuer) see DMBM668650 (DMBM677060).


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CCP fees (CCBC)

When creating a charge for CCP (CCBC) SAFE will automatically pre-populate the ‘WI Ref No’ field for IDMS as follows:


7023   D 123456   07 K  

Creating a charge type CCP Cost (CCBC) for HoD type D

IDMS work items for CCBC costs: HoD type D and file indicator D, T, G or S.

In some instances work items for CCBC costs, which are automatically created by IDMS, may have a file indicator other than ‘D’. If you try to create the charge on SAFE as it is on IDMS, and the file indicator is other than D, SAFE will not allow the charge to be created.

In cases where the file indicator on IDMS is other than D always create the charge on SAFE using file indicator D in the reference

As a result of this SAFE will send an update to IDMS with a file indicator that does not match the IDMS record. If that update is a partial clearance, an entry will appear on the DMO exceptions worklist. Update the work item manually.


6040   K 1234567890   07 K


4023   A 123456789   07 K  


Creating a charge type “CCP Cost” using a COTAX UTR


If you use a COTAX UTR to create a charge type ‘CCP Cost’, IDMS will create a new T/P record even though one already ‘exists’.

In these cases you will have to cross reference and link the IDMS cost work item to the HoD work item.

If the costs item relates to multiple HoD charges, you can avoid cross-referencing and linking by raising the cost charge on SAFE using a HoD reference other than the COTAX UTR.


1029   P 00123456   07 K


9113   N (This content has been withheld because of exemptions in the Freedom of Information Act 2000)   07 K

All cases

Complete the blank fields manually

In the first blank field

  • enter 000 for NINO

and for all except NINO

  • enter the District Number (Dist No).

In the second blank field

  • enter the ASN (account sub number)

You can get the missing data from the IDMS work item.

You must complete both fields before you finish creating the charge as you cannot correct them afterwards.