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Debt Management and Banking Manual

Debt and return pursuit: CIS: features of the CIS computer system

Viewing CIS
Viewing CIS returns
Select Returns tab
Contractors addresses on CIS 

Viewing CIS

CIS Reference numbers

To access details for a customer you must complete one of the four mandatory reference fields on this screen. These are:

  • UTR
  • NINO
  • AO Ref
  • EmpRef.

The reference you ask for will depend on the type of customer and what they want to do. If the customer is contacting us as a:

  • subcontractor, ask for the UTR
  • contractor, you will usually retrieve the contractor scheme by asking for the AO reference or EmpRef (for example, viewing details from a monthly return); if a contractor cannot give you either of these, ask for their UTR but, failing that, if the contractor is a sole trader ask for their NINO.

There is a facility on CIS that you can use to find the individual or the scheme. Full details of how to use this are included in the e-learning ‘Accessing CIS and Authenticating Contacts - Find Customers’.

Viewing CIS records

During your day to day work there will be times when you need to view the new CIS computer system.

To access CIS via My Services:

  • select Corporate Services
  • select Employers
  • select CISR Pursuit Officer/Manager as appropriate.

You will see IDENTIFY CUSTOMER screen. You should then:

  • enter the AO Collection reference on BROCS; for example, 123PA123456
  • select one of the following Contacts:

    • Customer
    • Agent
    • Capacitor
    • Internal Enquiry - select this option only if you are not speaking or dealing with customer correspondence. You will not need to do the following actions if you choose this option - just select ‘ok’.
  • select one of the following Channels:

    • Phone inbound
    • Phone outbound
    • Paper
    • Face to Face
  • complete the date (either today’s date or the date correspondence was received).

You will either go to:

  • the authentication screen see below for details

Select VIEW CUSTOMER screen.

Viewing CIS returns

You may need to view the Contractor’s record on the CIS computer system to check whether they have submitted their monthly Returns and if so what information is contained on the CIS return.

Follow the instructions above to take you to the View CUSTOMER screen.

Select Returns tab

All the ‘Effective’ Returns are listed on screen for the last six months. If you wish to see returns from another period, alter the Period Starting and Period Ending as appropriate.

To view the monthly Returns you are interested in, select the relevant one from the list.

Note: If you want to view any other returns that have been discarded, multiple returns, etc., you should select the ‘Status’ radial button to ‘All’.

Contractor’s addresses on CIS

CIS holds three contractor addresses:

  • HMRC Communication (via Employer Business Services (EBS))
  • HMRC Base (via EBS)
  • CIS Communication (CIS only)

The CIS address can be set up and amended on the CIS computer system. However once there is a CIS address set up and held in CIS this can not be deleted only updated. If you are contacted by a contractor and advised that:

  • CIS communication address is no longer required, update this with the HMRC Base address
  • either the Communication or Base address should be changed:

    • follow normal procedures for changing these on EBS
    • check to see if the CIS Communication address also needs changing.