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View Customers Accounting Records: View Customer Accounting Records in SAFE

SAFE Customer Accounting Records (CARs)

CARs are viewed in SAFE using a number of different functions. The most common is View Customer Account. SAFE has several reference formats that can be used to access records but only the Customer Reference is acceptable in this view function. When a CAR is created in SAFE the system generates a unique Business Partner Reference. This reference can be used in a number of SAFE functions.

The reference formats are detailed below.

Customer Reference

The customer reference can be a BROCS ref, UTR, NINO, MARD and exceptionally a unique reference for pre-computer charges. For the UTR, which can be SA or CTSA, the alpha suffix indicating the Head of Duty is dropped. The reference numbers are in the following formats

BROCS 123PA00123456
UTR 1234567890
NINO AW123456C
MARD 123MARD123456
Pre-Computer/Legacy 123DX12345678

Charge Reference

The charge reference is system generated, unique to SAFE and in the following format

XAnnnnnnnnnnnn, where

X = File indicator for the SAFE system

A = An alpha check character

n = 12 alpha/numeric

Business Partner Reference

The Business Partner reference is system generated, unique to SAFE. This is expanded to 15 characters to include the file indicator, check character and leading zeros when the Business Partner reference is used to complete a payslip using the Print Payslip application. The expanded format is

XAnnnnnnnnnnnnn, where

X = File indicator for the SAFE system

A = An alpha check character

n = 13 numeric.

The 15 character reference can be viewed on the Maintain Customer Account screen.

Record Retention

For SAFE, no archiving process has currently been developed and cleared records will be maintained for a minimum of 7 years.