CISR14330 - The Scheme: construction operations: index of construction operations

CISR reference Topic
CISR14600 Action guide contents

This index is provided as an alternative method of locating types of work included or excluded from the scope of CIS.

Topic CISR reference(s)
Access works CISR14240
Advertisements CISR14300
Air-conditioning systems CISR14090
Aircraft runways CISR14320
Alteration CISR14320, CISR14100
Architects CISR14270
Artistic works CISR14080
Asbestos removal CISR14240
Astroturf CISR14170
Balustrades (ornamental) CISR14080
Bathrooms CISR14240
Blinds CISR14280
Boring CISR14230
Building service systems CISR14090
Buildings CISR14100
Burglar alarms CISR14290
Bus shelters CISR14300
Canals CISR14320
Carpets CISR14170
Chair Lifts CISR14100
Cleaning CISR14110
Clerk of works CISR14270
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) CISR14290
Coast protection and defence CISR14320
Commissioning CISR14120
Computerised locking systems CISR14210, CISR14290
Consultants CISR14270
Consulting engineer CISR14270
Contract CISR14020
Contractor CISR14020, CISR12000 onwards
Conveyer systems CISR14190, CISR14230
Decorating CISR14250
Delivery CISR14240
Demolition CISR14320, CISR14100, CISR14230
Developers CISR14020, CISR14270
Digging (minerals) CISR14230
Dismantling CISR14100, CISR14240
Docks CISR14320
Doors CISR14210, CISR14220, CISR14250, CISR14290
Drainage systems CISR14320, CISR14090
Draughtsman CISR14270
Drilling (for minerals) CISR14230
Dry stone walls CISR14320
Earth-moving CISR14220, CISR14240
Electronic communications apparatus CISR14310
Entry: Door Entry systems CISR14290
Environmental testing CISR14270
Erecting scaffolding CISR14240
Excavation CISR14240
Exhibition stands CISR14100
Extension (to buildings & structures) CISR14100
External cleaning CISR14110
Extraction (of minerals) CISR14230
Fencing CISR14140, CISR14290
Film studio sets CISR14100
Fire alarms CISR14160
Fire protection systems CISR14160
Floor coverings CISR14170
Foreign concern CISR14070
Gates (ornamental) CISR14080
Handover (cleaning prior to) CISR14110
Harbours CISR14320
Heating systems CISR14090
Hoardings (advertising) CISR14300
Hoardings (site) CISR14100
Illuminated signs CISR14300
Industrial plant CISR14190
Inland waterways CISR14320
Installation (of systems) CISR14090
Interior decoration and design CISR14270
Internal cleaning CISR14110
Kitchens CISR14240
Labour agency CISR13050
Labourers CISR14270
Land drainage (installations for) CISR14320
Land reclamation CISR14230
Landscaping CISR14230, CISR14240
Laying foundations CISR14240
Lifts CISR14100
Lighting systems CISR14090
Linoleum CISR14170
Locks CISR14290
Locksmiths CISR14210
Manufacture CISR14220
Marquees CISR14100
Masonry CISR14250
Mechanical signs CISR14300
Mineral extraction CISR14230
Mosaics CISR14080
Murals CISR14080
Neon signs CISR14300
Offshore installations CISR14070
Oil and gas extraction CISR14230
Oil rigs CISR14100
Open-cast mining CISR14230
Overseas concern CISR14070
Overseas project CISR14070
Painting CISR14240, CISR14250
Pipeline CISR14320
Pipeline inspection CISR14270
Planning CISR14270
Plant hire CISR14260
Portable offices CISR14100
Power supply systems CISR14090
Power-lines CISR14320
Prefabricated structures CISR14100
Professional work CISR14270
Project managers CISR14270
Public address systems CISR14290
Pumping (oil and gas) CISR14230
Railways CISR14320, CISR14230
Reclamation CISR14230
Repair CISR14020, CISR14320, CISR14080, CISR14090, CISR14100
Repair (of buildings and structures) CISR14100
Repair (of systems) CISR14310, CISR14090
Replacement (of systems) CISR14090, CISR14240
Restoration (site) CISR14240, CISR14250
Road cleaning CISR14110
Roadways CISR14240
Roadworks CISR14320
Robot vehicles CISR14190, CISR14270
Sanitation systems CISR14090
Scaffolding CISR14240
Sculptures CISR14080
Sealant CISR14250
Seating CISR14280
Security fencing CISR14140
Security systems CISR14290
Sewers CISR14320
Shipbuilding CISR14100
Shutters CISR14280
Signboards CISR14300
Sign-writing CISR14300
Site clearance CISR14110, CISR14200, CISR14240
Site engineers CISR14270
Site foremen CISR14270
Site restoration CISR14240
Soil testing CISR14270
Solar panels CISR14090
Stair Lifts CISR14100
Street furniture CISR14240
Structures CISR14100
Sub-systems CISR14090
Supply and fix CISR14220
Surface working CISR14230
Surveyors CISR14270
Synthetic sports surfaces CISR14170
Telecommunication apparatus CISR14310
Telecommunications systems CISR14130
Temporary structures CISR14100
Tents CISR14100
Territorial Limits CISR14070
Territorial waters CISR14070
Theatre sets CISR14100
Tiling CISR14240
Traffic lights (temporary\nfree-standing) CISR14240, CISR14300
Traffic lights (permanent) CISR14240, CISR14300
Tunnelling CISR14230, CISR14240
TV studio sets CISR14100
Underground working CISR14230
Ventilation systems CISR14090, CISR14220
Vinyl sheeting CISR14170
Walls CISR14320
Water boiler CISR14090
Water mains CISR14320
Water purifier CISR14090
Water softener CISR14090
Water supply systems CISR14090
Water treatment plant CISR14090
Welding inspection CISR14270
Wells CISR14320
Wind farms CISR14320
Works CISR14320