HMRC internal manual

Compliance Handbook

CH28630 - Data gathering: Relevant data-holder and relevant data: Interest etc: Relevant data

The relevant data for a data-holder through whom interest is paid or credited, see CH28620, is information and documents relating to accounts on which relevant interest is payable, including but not limited to the data specified in

  • Regulation 8 of SI 2012/847, see CH28640,
  • Regulation 9 of SI 2012/847, see CH28650, and
  • Regulation 10 of SI 2012/847, see CH28660.

The description of relevant data uses the ‘information and documents relating to’ approach. This will include such things as the amounts of payments, amount of tax deducted and name and address of each payee.

See CH28670 for guidance on payments that are not relevant data regarding interest.