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HMRC internal manual

Business Income Manual

Measuring the profits (particular trades): Private Finance Initiative (PFI): contents

A full list of the contents of the guidance on PFI is shown below. The guidance is subdivided into sections, the opening page of each section being in bold in the list below. Please click on the page number alongside to go direct to each section.

The PFI section of the BIM does not currently contain guidance for those applying one of EU adopted IFRS and IFRIC 12, FRS 101 or FRS 102

HMRC officers should send any requests for further guidance to BAI Business Profits.

  1. BIM64005
Non-statutory business clearance procedure
  1. BIM64015
    Non-statutory business clearance procedure
Property business
  1. BIM64020
    Property business
Scope of trade
  1. BIM64025
    Scope of trade: contents
  2. BIM64030
    Scope of trade: relevant factors
  3. BIM64035
    Scope of trade: range of activities
  4. BIM64040
    Scope of trade: example 1
  5. BIM64045
    Scope of trade: example 2
  6. BIM64050
    Scope of trade: example 3
  7. BIM64055
    Scope of trade: example 4
  8. BIM64060
    Scope of trade: example 5
  9. BIM64065
    Commencement of trade
  1. BIM64070
    Accounting: contents
  2. BIM64075
    Accounting: FRS5 Application note F
  3. BIM64080
    Accounting: FRS5 and SSAP21
  4. BIM64085
    Accounting: FRS5 and SSAP9
  5. BIM64090
    Accounting: FRS5 reporting the substance of transactions
  6. BIM64095
    Accounting: FRS5 key factors
  7. BIM64100
    Accounting: FRS5 example 1
  8. BIM64105
    Accounting: FRS5 example 2
  9. BIM64110
    Accounting: FRS5 example 3
  10. BIM64115
    Contract accounting: bid costs
  11. BIM64116
    Contract accounting: recharge of bid costs to another company: income of the bidding company
Accounting and tax
  1. BIM64120
    Accounting and tax: contents
  2. BIM64125
    Accounting and tax: income and expenditure recognition: unitary charge
  3. BIM64130
    Accounting and tax: income and expenditure recognition: deductions
  4. BIM64135
    Accounting and tax: income and expenditure recognition: table of examples
  5. BIM64140
    Accounting and tax: income and expenditure recognition: example 1
  6. BIM64145
    Accounting and tax: income and expenditure recognition: example 2
  7. BIM64150
    Accounting and tax: income and expenditure recognition: example 3
  8. BIM64155
    Accounting and tax: income and expenditure recognition: example 4
  9. BIM64160
    Accounting and tax: income and expenditure recognition: example 5
  10. BIM64165
    Accounting and tax: income and expenditure recognition: example 6
Contribution of land
  1. BIM64170
    Contribution of land: contents
  2. BIM64175
    Contribution of land: reverse premiums
  3. BIM64180
    Contribution of land: capital or revenue receipt
  4. BIM64185
    Contribution of land: allocation against capital expenditure
  5. BIM64190
    Contribution of land: value of asset
  6. BIM64195
    Contribution of land: investment or trading stock
  7. BIM64200
    Contribution of land: chargeable gains consequences
  8. BIM64205
    Contribution of land: example 1
  9. BIM64210
    Contribution of land: example 2
  10. BIM64215
    Contribution of land: example 3
  11. BIM64220
    Contribution of land: example 4
Third party revenue
  1. BIM64225
    Third party revenue
Bid costs
  1. BIM64230
    Bid costs
Pre-trading expenditure
  1. BIM64235
    Pre-trading expenditure
  1. BIM64240
    Interest: contents
  2. BIM64245
    Interest: trade
  3. BIM64250
    Interest: trade: table of examples
  4. BIM64255
    Interest: trade: example 1
  5. BIM64260
    Interest: trade: example 2
  6. BIM64265
    Interest: trade: example 3
  7. BIM64270
    Interest: trade: example 4
  8. BIM64275
    Interest: trade: example 5
  9. BIM64280
    Interest: trade: example 6
  10. BIM64285
    Interest: trade: example 7
  11. BIM64290
    Interest: trade: example 8
  12. BIM64290
    Interest: trade: example 8
  13. BIM64295
    Interest: non-trade
  14. BIM64300
    Interest: non-trade: table of examples
  15. BIM64305
    Interest: non-trade: example 1
  16. BIM64310
    Interest: non-trade: example 2
  17. BIM64315
    Interest: non-trade: example 3
  18. BIM64320
    Interest: non-trade: example 4
  19. BIM64325
    Interest: pre-trading
  20. BIM64330
    Interest: pre-trading: table of examples
  21. BIM64335
    Interest: pre-trading: example 1
  22. BIM64340
    Interest: pre-trading: example 2
  23. BIM64345
    Interest: pre-trading: example 3
  24. BIM64350
    Interest: pre-trading: example 4
  25. BIM64355
    Interest: pre-trading: example 5
  26. BIM64360
    Interest: pre-trading: example 6
Deemed premium on lease
  1. BIM64365
    Deemed premium on lease
Refinancing gains
  1. BIM64370
    Refinancing gains
Refinancing gains: interest
  1. BIM64371
    Refinancing gains: interest
Capital allowances
  1. BIM64375
    Capital allowances
  2. BIM64380
    Capital allowances: highway undertakings
  3. BIM64385
    Capital allowances: highway undertakings: toll roads
  4. BIM64390
    Capital allowances: highway undertakings: right to receive sums from a relevant authority
Group relief
  1. BIM64395
    Group relief
Group relief: trading company
  1. BIM64400
    Group relief: trading company